A Pseudo Hour of the Wolf

It’s 7:30 a.m. and it’s inky dark outside.  I don’t feel like I need to get going because when I look out the window my body tells me that it must be the middle of the night.  I’m surprisingly awake for the middle of the night, which on some level is making me nervous, because there is always hell to pay the day after a midnight awakening. 


I read about a study once that said that peaceful resting will recharge you 80% as effectively as sleeping, and if you do have a sleepless night you should just lie in bed with your eyes closed and think happy thoughts.  I wonder how they performed such a study in a laboratory under double blind conditions.  I can just imagine them handing out assignments.  “OK, you are part of Group B, you can’t fall asleep.  You must lie there and worry.”  And then how could they measure how recharged you were the next day??   The thing is, from my own experience, I think they may be correct. 


Maybe they backed into it when they were studying something else?  Something like nightmares or sleep depravation.  Now, those are two studies I wouldn’t volunteer for.  But if you think about an applied science that would really help people, those two subjects would go a long way towards improving a persons on the ground quality of life.   Well, not the study’s themselves, I mean any body can tell you that nightmares are no fun and sleep depravation will ruin your whole day.  But being able to recognize the symptoms of not getting enough quality sleeping time and then being able to do something about it, that is what has come out of these studies, and that must be one of the biggest miracles of all to those that suffer from these afflictions. 


The trees are starting to be silhouetted against a dark charcoal sky and so real morning is catching up with me and I should start some kind of productive work and stop musing about things best left for the middle of the night. 


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