I get by with a little help.

In the new win application that I’m writing now, for the first time I’m using XML to keep the data.  I’ve always understood the theory behind XML, but always had the luxury of SQL, so I’ve never have actually put down the code.  I’m frustrated by the help in Visual Studio. 


It’s written for C++ programmers and they have no care for keeping things simple.  So if you are looking up the exact syntax for DateTime.now, you get a lot of information about how it is defined and run on a low level, but they really don’t give a good example.


Here is what they have:


public struct DateTime : IComparable, IFormattable, IConvertible, 
    ISerializable, IComparable<DateTime>, IEquatable<DateTime>


Here is what I want:


datetime dtStartTime = DateTime.Parse(“01/10/10”);

dtStartTime = DateTime.Now;

string sDay = dtStartTime.Day.ToString();


That’s all I want.  Ok, some of the commands have something like this, but it seems like the more complex the command, the less they have friendly code.  Maybe I just can’t find it, but they have it somewhere.  But that would also be their fault because the simple stuff for beginners should be easy to find and written so you don’t have to understand C++ or Command Line programming.  They could easily have an Advanced button or something for people that need more help than the very simple stuff. 


And for the most part, forget about using help to learn about a whole grouping of commands.  For example all the datetime and timespan commands.  Sometimes they have examples, but the are written to be clever and not clear.  It’s like the help author wants to show off what he knows, versis try to make things simple for the user. 


And it seems like the books do a much better example of the simple ways to use these commands, but I would rather do it online where I can search.  And MSDN is again a place to go to look for examples, but the examples again are written for moderately advanced C++ programmers.  I don’t think I’m the only person who learned C# without learning C++ first.  (Ok, I did learn c++, but since I never really used it outside of the two classes I took, I never retained the knowledge.)


So now I have an bug that I can’t figure out and I’m frustraited and a little cranky.  If I only had a good simple xml group of commands to study, I would probably figure out my mistake in 5 mintues or less.  Grrrs.



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