A departure


  Looking around I realized that I had something like six different blogs on different subjects addressed to different audiences on different blogging engines.  Since it was January, that seemed as good a reason as any for getting things organized.

I hereby nominate this blog to be —  My Personal Blog!! 

So the industry / strategy posts will move over to my new non-personal blog at:  http://brandygalos.blogspot.com/

Because this blog is so tied into my contact list and friends and family, I think things work better that way.

Although if you are listening Microsoft.  I want three blogs.  One for personal friends and family stuff.  One for more professional or hobby kind of postings and one that can not be traced back to me for flaming other sites.   I want to manage them all through one passport account and I don’t want them linked to each other in any way.  It’s my problem if I want to link them or the audiences that read them or not.

Shish.  As if they never hid things from their mothers.  🙂   (Kidding Mom!!!    )


One thought on “A departure

  1. Hello and good to see you.  How often do you intend to update this?  And I assume you don\’t want me linking this from The Happy Carpenter?

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