Who proves whom wrong?


http://happycarpenter.blogs.com is my darling brother.  He just rocks and I love him very dearly.

But we don’t agree on politics.  That is a HUGE understatement.  HUGE!

I used to think it was because we didn’t agree on data sources.  He gets his news of Fox and suspects any other news source.  I don’t trust Fox at all, and most of the time I would rather see the base numbers than have any new organization tell me how I should feel about things.  OK, I’m not so suspicious 50% of the time, but there is just too many people trying to spin things for me.

But my darling husband (http://mikegalos.spaces.live.com), who also just rocks and I love him beyond very dearly, said something the other night that has got me thinking.

He was talking about how the left will generally attack the factual basis when they disagree with somebody.  People on the right will tend to attack on a different front.  Like Obama’s name getting head lines.  Or like Plamegate.  We can’t disprove what he says, so let’s out his wife. 

But it got me thinking about something else:  

When Bush speaks the Right will try to prove him right and the Left will try to prove him wrong.  And when somebody like Bidden speaks, the Right will try to prove him wrong and the Left will try to prove him right. 

So we are fundamentally divided and heading different directions before we even get to whose data should be trusted or if the rest of somebody’s life should be called into question.  But since you can prove anything with statistics, our country is torn apart. 

So how does this end?

I don’t think the populous should *ever* get into the mode of trying to prove their politicians are right. 

No person is perfect and groups of elected people even less.  And that is true before we even start to add in lobbyists.

So that leaves the that it’s the duty of every person to attempt to prove their politicians wrong.   We unite behind the ideal that all politicians are created equal and NONE of them should be given a pass.

Wow.  That would change this country really quickly.



(note: updated because I didn’t represent Mike’s opinions correctly)



One thought on “Who proves whom wrong?

  1. Except for the part about my getting my news from FOX, you\’re spot on. 
    For the record, I don\’t get my news from any mainstream source.  I almost never watch TV news, and even less do I read my local paper.  The closest I get to mainstream is InstaPundit.  If I\’m driving around, I\’m probably listening to Dennis Prager, Laura Ingraham, Bill Bennett, or Michael Medved.  I\’d like to listen to Hugh Hewit a lot more, but his signal is weak around my \’hood.   Can\’t stand Hannity or Savage, and I don\’t have anything more to learn from Rush.  I tried Air America, I really did, but it was un-listen-able.  The other websites I read regularly are all linked from my blog, and I admit it\’s past time to refresh that list.  Yon is back in Iraq, and although he doesn\’t update all that often, he\’s a genuine must-read.
    The only lefty site I visit regularly is Emphasis Added, a thoughtful guy from your neck of the woods.  We have good respect for each other.  I plan to add your sites to my regular reading, and, what the heck, I might just check out Mike\’s as well.
    As to my preferred candidates, the only one I\’ve really supported through the primaries was old Phil Graham of Texas.  He was a hard nosed libertarianish Republican, but unfortunately just too short and ugly to get elected President.  There\’s plenty I don\’t l ike about President Bush\’s policies, but I do agree with the basic themes of his concept of the War on Terror.  My greatest fear there is that the Arabs may prove too psychotic to save, and I don\’t think the rest of the world is going to get with it until Tel Aviv and New York have been vaporized. 

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