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This is my third try at writing a post for the “Blog Against Theocracies” Weekend.  My problem is that I don’t have anything to say that hasn’t been said.   Fundamentalist are bad.  Intolerance is bad.  An apathetic populace is bad. 

Here we go anyway:

Around 20 to 30% of the population don’t think that they can practice their religion without the authority to control those around them. 


  • If their religion says prostitution is wrong, they make it illegal.

  • If they can’t drink alcohol, nobody can. 

  • If their religion says that women should never go out in public with their face uncovered then that’s the law. 

  • If they want to have prayer in schools, then that’s the way it should be for all. 


These people’s views are often at the very fringes of what the majority of people consider acceptable, or perhaps even non-imaginary.  They often seek out places of authority because they know from a very early age exactly what they want to achieve with their lives.  Or perhaps they are raised this way by their parents and religious leaders.  These people have been and always will be with us.   


The 70 to 80% that are left have to stand up for themselves.

History shows that when we don’t horrible things happen. 



One thought on “Blog Against Theocracy

  1. Isn\’t it obvious that every argument for or against prayer, or anything else for that matter, in public schools is in fact an argument in favor or school choice and against the government monopoly of education?
    Cut the Gordian knot!

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