A carrot in the ear…


I’m not joking about the title.  

Yesterday I was throwing Chiwa a yummy, yummy baby carrot and I managed the exact trajectory needed so that it bounced off of the floor and disappeared inside her ear.  Like a hand in a glove.  She had to stand up to shake it out.

And I’m sitting there thinking, I have *so* got to blog this.  And you are probably thinking, ummm, why? 

Because it’s a once in a life time, one in a billion chance thing.  Something extremely out of the ordinary happened and I’m not sure we paused the TV.  And somehow that just doesn’t seem right.   So I would have preferred the lottery or something like that, but I got a carrot in the dog’s ear and I should at least be thankful that I got something!

In a year I won’t remember this.  Unless I take the time to mark this event something so utterly unlikely and so cool will pass into the mists of time.  It’s either a sign of the “Get enough monkeys in a room” theory or proof of something magical in the universe.  Except I always thought that getting that many monkeys in a room would also have to be a sign of something magical in the universe as well. 

A Holiday.  I’m going to start a holiday for this.  I added a schedule+ annual reminder of “Unlikely Event Day”. 

I’m happy to take suggestion for how to celebrate it. 


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