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It amazes me how I will happily be writing along and then something little like the the guy who delivers pure water stops by my main character’s house and this guy needs a name and then ALL WRITING GRINDS TO A HAULT.    Like if I get anybody to read my stuff, the difference between Chuck and Timmy is going to make one wit of difference to them.  But still I sit there and chew on a virtual eraser and stew about it.

So I *really* like this name generator site.  It get’s me past naming third cousin in 30 seconds rather than 20 minutes.

Here is a random list of people names it generated based on US Census data:   (it does other types of names as well)

Alejandro Giles
Anderson Velazquez
Arnold Jeff Doyle
Arturo Wilford Buchanan
Beau Darren Keith
Carmine Allen Pope
Carter Ricky Mckee
Chance Brooks
Clark Hudson
Dalton Larson
Darrick Hobbs
Darrin Lee Walter
Darwin Burton Cervantes
Deandre Phillips
Desmond Pate
Domenic Craig Sweet
Erich Francesco Gibbs
Erick Lynwood Rich
Eusebio Dodson
Fausto Donte Knox
Felipe Jefferson Evans
Felipe Ramirez
Forest Christian
Huey Rivera
Hugh Vazquez
Javier Boyd Coleman
Jody Cody Preston
Jordan Vargas
Lamar Jenkins
Leroy Alva Nixon
Lonnie Woodward
Loren Hines
Marcos Cox
Margarito Elmer Mays
Mathew Emmitt Joyner
Micah Delgado
Michal Galloway
Michel Atkins
Parker Lavern Daniel
Ralph Campos
Ralph Fletcher Mcdowell
Raymundo Cary Griffith
Ronnie Jordon Bowers
Sang Head
Sheldon Jacinto Jones
Vince Louis Mayer
Wade Rafael Bass
Weston Reginald Leblanc
Williams Little
Zachery Barber
As you read them, don’t you just seem to know some of them?  Like Weston Reginald Leblanc goes to prep schools and rarely keeps his lunch money.  But Marcos Cox is a player with a smile that brings down women at 50 feet.
And I think that I’m going to have Ralph Campos as my water delivery guy.  He and his brother Vince own the company after their Dad’s heart attack two years ago.   They are trying to decide if they want to expand or keep it small and hands on.  Like their father before them, they both have learned to fear the dogs owned by my main character.  Their Mom Rose is a tiny woman and runs the front office.  She is occasionally pressed to deliver water to my character’s house because the dogs love her. 
I have no idea how much of that will make it into the book, but at least it didn’t take an hour just to nail the names.

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