I’m baaaa-ck!

Sorry I’ve been so quiet. I actually wrote a whole novel. It started with NaNoWri Month, but I didn’t finish it until December 6th and have been furious edit since then. It’s going to my Mom’s agent Dann as soon as I have it ready for him. We had hoped to make that on Friday, but Ruth’s cancer needed some attention. She is still OK, but they will be doing another operation to make sure that the abnormal cells they found along the edges are gone as well.I’ve been working on my one sentence description:


A black comedy, well perhaps a gray comedy, about a rock star, his nephew the banker and their eccentric friend’s journey to come to terms with coming to terms for tragic events in the far past.

It is such a rush to know I did something like that. It changes everything. Walking into Barnes and Noble is 100% different. It’s gone from a reverent location of knowledge to the most exclusive club in the universe. Whose membership to me is now a holy grail.

All should bow down and behold the power of the fraternity of published authors.

(I think it’s changed my writing as well! 🙂



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