Flame Avoidance: No Kill, Picky Dog Rescues


I’m trying to avoid flaming some people on Craig’s List.  The politically correct animal people are THICK there and they know nothing. 

So I was three seconds away from hitting send and managed to walk away.  BUT I still want to have my say, so I’m putting it here.

so there.


I really *hate* the big dog rescues. 

It’s an opportunity cost thing.

I read once that in the greater Puget Sound Area over 50 dogs are put down a day. 

A day.

One of the big private adoption guys proudly said that for each dog they adopt they spend three weeks visiting homes, visiting old homes, calling references, etc. that is 21 days x 50 dead dogs or around a thousand dead dogs that there wasn’t room for in the system.

They also bring in GSD’s from all over the country.  I don’t remember what it is, but there is a fairly constant percentage  of dogs per household.  So for every dog they bring in, that’s a local dog that dies. 

And by being so picky they are not actually keep anybody unsuitable from getting a dog, they just shove the real problem off.

I’m not saying that any one rescue shouldn’t be that exclusive even if it does kill a lot of other dogs.  But I do have a problem being told that **I** need to support them.

I don’t know if it’s true in other breeds, but German Shepherds come with some extreme personalities.  Most are pretty much in the middle but the extremes can go from a seeing-eye-dog to a police dog.  You can’t tell in advance if your sweet puppy is going to work out or not until 4 to 10 months.   It’s fairly typical to re-home them. I went to Craigslist to find panicking owners that love their dog but are at the end of their rope.  And seeing how I’ve been down the GSD road a few times, I can help them. 

I don’t know if it’s just a breed thing, but the people at Craig’s List in general are  far off the mark for how I’ve experienced the world.



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