Huzzah for the Humane Society


They now do FREE spay/neuter for pit bulls in King County.  Pit bulls make up the vast majority of dogs in the rescue system.  I don’t know if this is because it’s hard to find interested adopters because of the bad press or because Pit Bull owners just don’t care about the problem.  I love this solution because it reaches down to the root of the problem and fixes it. (Ha! pun)


When I volunteered at the Humane Society I got to know a few Put Bulls.  I quite liked them.  They were effervescent in their attitude and playing with them was like taking a walk in warm spring rain.  One almost got away from me and I managed to hold on to his back toe and drag him back to the kennel and then I thought “What the hell were you thinking??”  I bet most breeds would have at least nipped at me, but the Pit Bull was like “Aww shucks!”. 



On the other hand they had some Pit’s that had been there over a year.  How many other dogs could they have found homes for using that kennel space?  They usually were not full and occasionally would double up the dogs to increase their space, so perhaps they never turned a dog away, but its sad because it’s a solvable problem.



I also scheduled Ergo’s spaying with them because a) I wanted to support them and B) it turns out that they are $600.00 less than the quote my vet gave me yesterday.  


Altruism paid off today, baby!






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