Scratching to come in…


Yesterday’s walk:



0324 - 001 OMG People!!
0324 - 002 Run Away!!
0324 - 003 OMG a car!!!
0324 - 005 OMG,the car is coming this way!!!!
0324 - 004 Run Away!!!
0324 - 007 Message Rock.  This was always Akhen’s favorite place.  He had probably made it out here to mark the day before he died.

Ergo likes to smell it but will not mark it.  She doesn’t mark anyplace except the designated dog area in the dog pen.

0324 - 008 OMG!!!  What’s that behind me?
0324 - 009 OMG!! A Car!!!
0324 - 010 OMG, it’s coming this way!!
0324 - 011 OMG, but I think it’s going.
0324 - 013 This is only here because it shows up how gold her sides can be depending upon the angle. 

She can be almost 100% gold, but I doubt I will ever catch that on the camera.

0324 - 015 OMG!!!  A car just passed by!!
0324 - 016 OMG!!!  Another car!!!

<no hand for camera>

She then starting running from one side of her leash to the other and hitting the end hard.

After a few times she noticed me again and would stop in the middle of her dash to jump on me for some comfort and this I think is a big breakthrough.

<no hand for camera>

When we got home, she lifted her paw and scratched on the front door so that I would hurry to let her back into the house.

Sad smile


  • I wish I knew what really happened in her past.


  • I no longer believe that she was this master escape artist that would leave so she could find joggers to run with. She is terrified of leaving.


  • She is terrified of joggers too, but I think that is only logical. (What are they running from? ‘eh???)


  • When she was so frightened that she ran from one end of the leash to the other is about the only time I can figure that she would run away. She wasn’t thinking, she wasn’t particularly home, if you know what I mean. She could have ended up anywhere.


  • One odd note is that as we are up and out people do not come over to pet her. I don’t know if they pick up on her vibe or if she looks enough different than a shepherd that they are backed off.


  • So I guess I will slowly keep exposing her to this kind of stimuli. This is a match for what I need to do for myself too, and isn’t it cool how that worked out!!


  • April 19th her vaccines will get a boost and she will be out of the danger zone.


  • May 20th she is when she is getting spayed. May 20th is coincidentally, a ‘Black Moon’, meaning the 3rd New Moon in a season having 4 New Moons. It’s considered very lucky.







2 thoughts on “Scratching to come in…

  1. Beautiful German Shepherd. She appears from your photos to be of almost pure “working dog” (versus show dog) European extraction, maybe some Czech Pohranicni kennel lineage, known for some magnificent sable colored GSDs, along with W. German lines. The behavior you are describing is “wolfishness” and more of the spookiness than usual. Not to be under estimated, especially if cornered and threatened, because in full defense mode, she can easily turn apparently aggressive in the extreme. Most working line dogs don’t have this wolfish characteristic, but now and then, genetics being what they are and aren’t, it happens.

    It sounds as if you are doing all the right things, which I can attest to because one of our dogs is just like yours, even in coloration …with a schutzhund working lineage to die for, including old DDR, Czech, and W. German … but spooky as all get out none the less, and an adorable companion all the same … the rare “cuddly” GSD. She also does not like to to leave people’s side, and will play with a kong toy as long as you can toss it …24/7 if she had her way I think. She’s a respectable GSD now, but with residual wolfish characteristics. Part of her charm is she adores and sticks close to our big male that is ultra Alpha and, agressive … but with her, he’s a pussy cat.

    Best of luck to you and the gorgeous Ergo.

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