Ergo Updates:

Old Comment: (March)

New Comment: (August)

At one point last night I woke up with her stretched out across my whole back.

Now she likes to sleep on HER back with at least one back foot hitting my face to remind me that I could be rubbing her belly.

Even though she is submissive and flows around us, she is occasionally unmovable when it comes to making room for us on the sofa. She will take being smashed up between a body and the back of the sofa over defeat.

This has only gotten worse. Now she goes limp like a protester making it almost impossible to shift her.

Every time I walk by the door to the garage she tries to stop me to let her in there. Because of mouse traps, we’ve never let the dogs go in there and they basically ignored that door. But every time, and since it’s between my desk and the kitchen, that is a lot of times, she trips me up and noses at the door.

Still true.

Her back is not American style GSD though. I have already complemented her on her intelligence making that call.

She makes up her own rules for herself and they are much harder than we would do.  I.e.  We wanted her to sit down before we open the car door.  She goes to this one spot that is the farthest from the door we use. 

Her old owners kept her tied up in the yard during their work day and tied up or in the kennel downstairs at night. They came down a few days ago and she was hog tied and they knew they had to give her up.

Of course I don’t condone that, but I will say she is the hardest dog we’ve had. The cliché is that you keep some dogs engaged and exercised or they will eat you sofa. 6 hours before our weekly trip to the dog park. She ate our sofa.

I no longer believe that she was this master escape artist that would leave so she could find joggers to run with. She is terrified of leaving.

Every night at dusk we try to let her out to run and run and run,  She all but loops the house.  No toys, just the sunset and the wind,

I saw her do the beginnings of a puffy-cheek smile.

She is a one cheek smiler.   Hold the presses, she did a full smile in context yesterday.

I snapped open a garbage bag and she was across the room in 1 second. Then she came over and I could pet her with the bag. So maybe its sounds that scares her? Maybe I’m just used to German GSD’s that have to be able to stay in a down while a gun is shot in the air 20 feet away.

She is much calmer now. She still gets scared of the strangest things. Things that she was OK with yesterday. It seems random to us.

I swear she didn’t know the sit command yesterday. She didn’t even clue on it being a key word. So we did our usual make them sit before they go out or other nice events like food and today she has it down. So much so that when Mike and I were discussing that she now had “sit” down she came over and sat. She not only learned the word, but now she is pretty reliable sitting before the nice events without being asked.

This is still true. If you concentrate on it 3 hours. If you don’t (like saying “let’s get ready for bed”) she has it down in 3 or 4 days.

Except if you want to un-training from something she likes. We have high hopes of actually succeeding in this area some time.

I told MC, but I figured out the father was a Belgian Shepherd. A tervuren specifically.

We are still guessing. Czech Shepard is a must. She has very rare features that they breed for.

But otherwise … I’m going with whippet. I’m think Mike is still on the tervuren.

I wish I knew what really happened in her past.

We are pretty sure they had her in a Electric Bark collar.

Marrow bones are a revelation to her. First she got into some of Ahken’s that we hadn’t found to throw away. I glad she did because I was wondering if they would work for her little mouth or not, but not to worry! It’s more of the case of an ant eater .vs. a wolf. When we bought her some fresh ones just for her, it was easy to see that we rocked her world.

She has more toys most of which are tucked somewhere around out bed.  Generally on the path to the bed. 

Occasionally, I put them all in her toy box just to make her crazy.

Oh God she is beautiful. Her eyes pop. Kind like Akhen’s.

Right now she has what looks like golden parentheses on each side of her eyes.

One odd note is that as we are up and out people do not come over to pet her. I don’t know if they pick up on her vibe or if she looks enough different than a shepherd that they are backed off.

Now they come over but as soon as they do, she runs away. This really hurts people’s feelings.

She does like a small group of people, but I have no idea why those people are OK. We think it maybe they are GSD or at least dog people.

She alerts on people and will go so far as to step back and turn away over the sight of three adults walking towards her on a sidewalk. After they pass, she will zoom behind them and touch the back of the legs with her nose.

Still true.

She got all frustrated energetic and we couldn’t play with her and needed to be careful taking her for a walk with her heat cycle and were at our wits end of what we could do to work some of that energy out. We ended up taking her to the dog park but we didn’t get out of the car. She had fun looking around for 45 minutes and afterwards she was calm again.

See Sofa incident above.

She has a sable coat, which I have never liked, but she pulls it off. (Think Dark Coyote??) (This means her long guard hairs are black and her undercoat is gold. But she also has lots of stripes and swirls hanging out in there. She never quite looks the same for moment to moment. From the front and side, she looks mostly black. From the back, gold. It’s part of what makes her hard to photograph.)

I asked the girl at Petco what breed she thought Ergo was and she said Coyote/Wolf.

She has the cutest toes. It’s like she is wearing black toe nail polish.

These are called “Pencil Toes” are very sought after for Czech dogs.

She hates it when Mike is gone. HATES. Sad, heartfelt wines and cries. This is a dog with pack issues. She does calm down after about 10 minutes. (I still haven’t left her and some days (i.e. after vet) she really doesn’t like me to close the bathroom door. She will lay half under my desk and keep her foot on mine to make sure I don’t leave her.)

We still haven’t left her alone but that is mostly because we always forget to train her on my going away.

She is terrified of joggers too, but I think that is only logical. (What are they running from? ‘eh???)

She is afraid of the Park.

She is the biggest cuddlier. When she got out of the car of the previous owner she bounded into Mike’s lab and gave his face a bath. The first of many, many, many today. She gives hugs and leans and is generally all over you, only she is light enough that it’s very sweet and loving rather than too much. My cat-person therapist said this.

When we watch TV in the evenings, she likes it best when she can have her head close enough to Mike to be petted and her belly close enough to me. She can become very, very long to achieve this.

She leaps. Seems like the GSD’s didn’t really like leaping. Yes, under moments of excitement they would take little leap but it wasn’t a habit. She likes it. Out of nowhere she leapt on to the sofa yesterday from about 4 feet away and about 3 feet too high.

She goes out of her way to jump things. Her favorite thing to jump is two Large tree branches that are spread out enough that she has to go over 6 feet with a wall just beyond.

She really likes the sofa. We sometimes call our sofa the “coma couch” and I’m not sure Ergo has learned to avoid its orbital pull yet.

Now if she is alone on it she wedges herself and lays on her back with everything spread out.

So I guess I will slowly keep exposing her to this kind of stimuli. This is a match for what I need to do for myself too, and isn’t it cool how that worked out!!

I think she will be discovery things for a while, but I don’t have her on any kind of schedule around this any longer.

We had the meter guy come by this morning and she had no idea what to do. She was excitedly watching him and you could tell that she KNEW there was something that was missing, but couldn’t figure it out. Not a bark or wine or anything.

Now I think this is because of the Barking collar.

We still haven’t found any way to play with her. She doesn’t’ like any toys. (We have found that the early puppy games like “Got your nose” work for small bits of time. I think we are just going to build up from the ground here.)

This is no longer true. It’s like she read this and set off to prove me wrong. I have never seen a dog so toy obsessed. She takes her toys for walks. She tucks her toys into the sofa. She will have her favorites arranged carefully around her.

When she alerts on something and we say “That’s OK” she doesn’t trust us at all. (She used to be kind of like the old “Talk to the hand” but now she gives us a quick look. Still doesn’t trust us but we’ve made improvements.)

This is 100% good now.

When she gets panting and drools her tongue out to the side, it is long enough to reach her neck ruff.

Picture forth coming.

When she was so frightened that she ran from one end of the leash to the other is about the only time I can figure that she would run away. She wasn’t thinking, she wasn’t particularly home, if you know what I mean. She could have ended up anywhere.

She is pretty good at standing behind me now, but occasionally she needs more distance. (Scary geriatric neighbor hood Beagle!!) She hasn’t crazy bolted since the second month or so.

When you ask her a question, she does the sideways head-tilt that brings the cute quotient up to nose-bleed levels.

One day we played a bunch of different kinds of music for her and each type of music had its own head tilt.


Although she likes big delivery trucks like UPS. I have to chase after her and drag her back to our yard. I’m very, very, very sure she is doing this to confuse us.




The pebbles are moving. It is too late for the avalanch to vote.

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