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Most of these pictures are from the Dog Park. She loves, loves, loves that. We do too, because it is the only way to get a few days of peace and quiet. 🙂

After Chiwa and Akhen it is very nice to have a dog that plays well with others. Chiwa appointed herself to be the protector of all little dogs and if she was anywhere near close to a scuffle she would go flying in and break it up. Because it was so early in the fight, the owners wouldn’t understand her heroics, and instead saw here as a huge dog that showed up and then dogs started screaming. We quickly and silently would leave the area.

Akhen just liked to hump everything that moved. I never thought I would have the opportunity to yell “NO HUMPING” so often.




I want to meet the man who saw a turtle and said, ‘People will LOVE the ninja version of that.’ Jonah Hill.
..end transmission…

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