10K People Strong Demonstrations in Libya

(I try to stay away from politics on this blog, but this brings tears to my eyes.)




The above picture was taken in Libya.  It is protest tens of thousands people big.  They are going around and destroying the property and building of their rightwing terrorist groups. They are seizing the guns and missile launchers, etc. and handing them over to the army.  They have already dismantled over 10 terrorist headquarters, including the group that got our Ambassador.  Despite several deaths, they are still at it. 


Everybody has said that this “War or Terror” ends when country’s rise up against their own terrorist groups.  Well, this picture shows the world what that looks like. 


People of Libya:

You have my respect and thoughts.  Thank you for your courage to stand up and take back your country.  Stay safe and kick ass.  Let’s hope that your patriotic actions will inspire other countries.  Perhaps this is the start of an “Arab Autumn”.






end ..


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