Undirected Science vs injuries without pain for humanity.




Basically it says that Mole-rats live in acidic environments.  And that the pain in human injuries comes from highly acidic tissues.   So they have identified the protein marker that the mole-rats use to purge the acid out of their system and are on their way to making this real.  Probably in our lifetime! 

I bet that before this study was published a large percentage of the US population would have cut funding to this program.  It probably would be titled: “Proposal to measure naked mole-rat’s abilities to adopt to the burrows environment.”  In no way does this sound useful or practical .  And naked mole-rats are really ugly.  (See below.) This was just the kind of thing that plebeians didn’t care about.

If that was YOU, think about how you almost caused the “forever freedom from pain pill” to never be created.  This is a discovery up penicillin in my book.  Plus the financial reward would easily suppress Viagra. I have no idea how far they can take their research but it sure has opened up some new roads.


There is a colony of naked mole-rats in the Seattle Science Center. 


I was supposed to meet my husband at the colony and I didn’t last 3 minutes,  So I give chops to the research team not only for that whole pain thing, but also for being strong enough to hang out with the little beasties.  >shudder<

..   “Mindy!”  The Mole King on The Tick.





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