National Novel Writing Month!

This is a thing where you (and many other thousand of people across the world) resolve to write a 50,000 word novel in the month of November.   It isn’t a contest as much, nobody reads your novel unless you choose to show it to them.  And there isn’t “Best novel of 2007”.  Instead there is a note saying that 60% people succeeded and isn’t that great.  You get lots of help with the other writers and they also bring in speakers like successful writers and motivational experts.  And sharing a world wide “I’’m punch as hell” on November 29th is cool tool.

I did this before and it was the coolest thing ever.  It was hard, but the good kind of hard that makes you all warm and fuzzy.



This year I’m writing a fantasy about a Dragon Halfling:


Here are my covers to date:











And  the web banners:












Which do you like better?



And here is my summery:



Ancient politics reverberate through time and dimensions to repetitively screw over the dragon halflings in Undercroft.   The last two halflings had enough when they were almost wiped out for the fourth time this century.  They couldn’t stay this weak and survive.  They decided to go find the Dragons and demand another dose of Dragon DNA and if that didn’t work, well at least they could kick a dragon in the toe.


And the first few paragraphs:


If asked, the dragons would just say “a long time ago” but to the rest of races that live on Undercroft that knowledge had faded into the fogs “a long time ago.”   The question was about the war.   It was supposed to be the last war between the light .vs. the dark and the just .vs. the craven and the humans .vs. all magical creatures.   But they always say it’s the last war and it never is.  At first all the magical creatures thought it was funny that unicorns were now classified as dark.  But then the light humans started to seek out the lightest of the lightest and explode them.    “They’d blewed up real good.”  and the sound of the explosions were carried by a cursed breeze across all the continents and the level of happiness lowered for all time.   


 A spy, a brownie spy named Rokadaly just happened to find a copy of the plans while cleaning an office building.  It was a mystery to him, but it seemed like the human janitors would rather do something else than clean.  But if they were generally good people the brownies would step in and help them.  It was fun and there was no way the janitors were going to say anything at all.  And it was the best cover for a spy.  But finding this plan by The Author was beyond anything he had ever dreamed.  The little guy couldn’t imagine taking evil to such a pinnacle.  It was hubris and also an atrocity that, if successful, would ring through the horribly long ages.


Instead of handing off his usual biweekly report to the local raven the Brownie was snatched up by the mousey looking Dark Phoenix Dengue.  The Dark Phoenix Dengue was, as always, in a bad mood.  “Before you start with your moving around and moaning, Rokadaly.  Remember that you are but a morsel and I do happen to be hungry.  And no vomit!!”  Rokadaly knew he didn’t have to be afraid.  There was a class in Spy School that dealt specifically with dealing with Dengue.  It lasted about ten minutes and could be boiled down to “Shut up and sit down.” So the brownie just puffed up his chest that The Dark Phoenix Dengue remembered his name and sat down without saying a word. 




Actually, I doubt those will be my real first few paragraphs, but this is where the events start even if I don’t present it serially.  I think I’m going to start the book in the red wood forests where dragon halfling clan is getting wiped out (again).


One thought on “National Novel Writing Month!

  1. you are amazingly talented and creative! I am impressed already!!!

    Keep me in the loopI want to see where this goes.

    I like the first book cover best…

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