Grrr. Adobe sucks and Beware

A few minutes ago I was asked to update my Adobe reader. This time, this time either they didn’t ask me if I wanted to install other programs or I didn’t see it.

Shame on them!!!

I would say don’t freaking install this update as protest. It’s too late for me.

I wrote them a note:

Geeze. Stop this.

PLEASE just stop installing other peoples software on my machine.

You just installed Google software on my machine. Stop that. Just stop it. I have hated them since they sold out the Chinese people for profit.

Just stop it.

I am not a marketing asset to you.

I already have my control panel open to uninstall and my address list up so I may warn people of this.

That’s a ugly thing to do to people, especially that work in corporations that will take days of hassle to clear up. That is a bad thing to do to your customers.

Google has been proven to have lots of other privacy problems most to them propagated through, wait for it, their toolbar, and browser. And by privacy problems I mean they sell as much personal data as they can and lots of people have a problem with that.

If you cannot leave me alone with the two Adobe programs I have (Reader and Photoshop), I will not run them. It would not be that big a deal. Five years ago, it would have sucked but now …. It would be worth it to get away from you if this is the way you treat me.

I wonder what new things Google already knows about me because of your greed and I am not happy.

My machine has never had Google software, never done a Google search and I try to avoid Gmail accounts even though I know that is paranoid. All these years of trying to never get on their roll and you just broke it. Please never do it again.

I’ve noticed it as a rather hidden as option before, but this time I didn’t see it. Do you think that you are funny or clever or evil that you figured out a way to pull this off? I am voting ‘evil’.

Sorry this is so strident, but you really pissed me off and gave me a lot of extra work on a night I didn’t need it.



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