This was my dream…

Orca whales in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica

Orca whales in Mcmurdo Sound, Antarctica

It wasn’t a happy dream, but it did haunt me a bit.  Still does.

People kept being mean to me and then they would run away and I would turn around and there would be an ice channel full of orca.

 And occasionally one would stop and look at me as if to say, “we got your back.”

Starstuff Water Animal Totem Dictionary


Orca teaches abilities of entering the depths of the mind and emotions, accessing ancient memories buried deep within, recognizing the power of vibrational energy and aids to heighten intuition and perceptions. Orca can help you discover your own personal “song of the soul” that until now has been hidden. Orca teaches how to swim in life with grace and strength and dive the depths of your being. This animal demonstrates creativity and joy, aids in accessing personal freedom, teaches empowerment, heightens ability to heal with sound and song, and allows access to unconscious memories for health, healing and personal discovery. It is a time to carefully listen to your dreams and visions for Orca will teach you the mystery of your inner depths.

I’m on two allergy drugs that keep me buzzing and it’s hard to fall asleep.  Just last night I did a web search on “binaural beats” and it was fun clicking through the different sounds and feeling it different parts to the body.  Some of them I couldn’t turn off fast enough and others I liked.  One of them pretty much raised the hair on Ergo’s body and she ran out of my office as fast as she could.

I also found the more new age / meditati0taion tracks like: nice to listened to. I liked these when we first moved to Seattle in 1988 but not since then.   Must be a stress thing.


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