Vile Tasting Pills

How to deal with super icky pills



(I wrote this a while ago and just stumbled upon it and thought that it would be a good thing to post.  I found that I really liked the gummy versions!)



Try different forms:

1.    Many prescriptions come in more than one shape or size so ask your doctor if he can change your prescription.  Pharmacists are great for this kind of information too.

2.    Is there a gummy version?

3.    Is there a liquid version?


Try to cover the taste:

1.    Immediately after the pill, brush your teeth with a strong toothpaste.   

2.    Cover with Smucker’s Magic Shell for Ice Cream or Buttercream Icing or similar

·         Put the pills in the freezer to chill

·         Put wax or parchment paper on top of a flat freezer pan or tray

·         Put a few drops of the chocolate to make the bottom half of the coating

·         Press the pill in the center

·         Put more drops on until the pill is well covered; try not to roll it around.

·         Put back in the freezer until the chocolate is solid.

·         Once frozen, move them to an airtight container or baggie

·         Look forward to pill time

3.    Try taking sweets before, after or both.  Generally, this will not be enough on its own.  Perhaps dong something like mixing honey with ginger and cinnamon will take care of the taste.

4.    Take a tums the second the icky pill is gone.  The chalky tums seems to wipe out the taste in seconds.


Try to smooth the process out

1.    The Spray’n Swallow® product.  They say spray your pill and then it will not stick or taste yucky.

2.    Always leave the next few doses out in the open (but safe) to air out and make sure you are in a well-ventilated area.

3.    If the pills have a very hard shell, dipping the pill in mostly set-up Jell-O or Gelatin will make it super slidey but you need to be quick or things can will be worse.

4.    Put a TBS of your choice of oil (coconut, olive, butter …) in your mouth; gargle it for a few seconds then toss the pill as far as you can (avoiding the tongue as much as you can) and swallow.

5.    Ice cubes on your tongue until is numb or a hot pad and some meditation can loosen up your neck enough to make swallowing easier. 


Try to confuse your brain

1.    A serious blast of sweet will generally confuse your brain enough to reduce the bitter taste.  Recommended are honey or brown sugar.  Try to saturate the sweet section at the tip and coat the tail of the tongue blocking the bitter section.

2.    Another way to confuse your brain is by using fragrance.  Grab your favorite essential oil and take deep breaths of that before, during or after the pill.  Peppermint, cinnamon, fennel, rose or any citrus are good.  This can be pricey, but you can make your own essential oils and depending on what you choose this can be very frugal.  A few months’ worth of essential oil can be made for under $10.00

3.    If sweets are not working, try sours.  A small sip of straight lemon juice might be all you need.  I have found an awesome sour candy named Warheads. 

4.    There is a chance that salt will work for you, but salt also has some ability to open up taste buds in other areas.  This is what is behind the caramel with salt craze. 

5.    Thai food tries to combine sweet, salty, and sour and bitter and hot in every dish and it is delish.  You may be able to find a favorite food that works for you as well.

6.    You may be able to avoid some of the brain freeze by chewing some hard food like nuts until chunky and throw in the pill to swallow.  This way your brain cannot sort out what is a pill or what is a nut.

7.    You might try really chewing something like a small bite of bread and toss your pill in just before you swallow.  Be quick about it or you can be stuck with pill flavored bread. 


Try to blow out your taste buds

1.    If you like very hot food I have two words for you – “Ghost” “Pepper.”

2.     Grab the kiddy juice!  Mostly artificial drinks are helpful because of the taste and fragrances.  Orange flavor, lemon flavor and chocolate flavor have worked great for some people.

3.    Breath sprays (like Bianca) can overwhelm the taste buds for a short time, especially if they are strong flavored. 


2 thoughts on “Vile Tasting Pills

  1. What great ideas. I never knew you could ask a pharmacist for a different version of a pill. All kinds of things to try. Can use many of them for my dog.

  2. this is funny!

    Hope you are doing well!!!! On Mar 19, 2013, at 9:06 AM, Brandy Galos <> wrote:

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