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I’ve been collecting and combining other people’s  ideas for date nights with my own and I thought it would be a nice thing to post.


400+ Date Nights


Act out plays or scripts together

Afghanistan culture date

Age of Enlightenment period date

Amusement park

Arabian culture date

Blow bubbles

Boat ride

Book stores, especially independents.

Brazil culture date

Breakfast in bed at night

Bring flowers to an elderly home

British culture date

Bubble bath for two 

Build a fire and make s’mores; (fallback: kitchen stove)

Build a fort in the living room

Build a model car together

Build a tree swing; then make lemonade and swing for the afternoon

Build-a-bear workshop stop

Butterfly museum

Cajun culture date

California us culture date


Candle light dinner at home


Car dealer and test-drive cars you’ve been dying to check out for you and your family

Card games – war, go fish, etc

Caribbean culture date

Carnival, the adult kind

Carnival; don’t forget to buy cotton candy 

Carve pumpkins


Catch in the backyard

Cement art project – get idea from pinterest

Chalk up the driveway

China culture date (all things Chinese)

Chinese fire drills

Chocolate chip cookies from scratch

Chocolate savory – cook something

Chocolate sweet – cook something awesome

Cinnamon savory – cook something


Clay project – get idea from pinterest

Clean and organize attic then celebrate

Clean and organize basement then celebrate

Clean and organize garage then celebrate 

Climb massive rocks 

Coffee houses – list all local and then check off

Coffee shop and chill out

Colonial period date

Color together

Comedy club

Community theater – do

Community Theater — watch

Compose poems about your love

Computer game – new and play against each other

Computer game – new and play on the same team



Cook together

Cooking class together

Corn maze

Country concert 

Craft together 

Crazy hair (chalk, gelatin, temporary dies)

Create a “things to do together list

Create a fish tank together

Create a new shared-interest blog together

Create a performance theater/dance piece

Create a scavenger hunt for each other of clues that only the two of you would understand

Create a scavenger hunt for the family

Create a special space outdoors for the summer

Create a vegetable garden

Create a vision board of goals and dreams you both have for your lives ahead

Create individual lists of your favorite “golden oldies” and dance together! 

Create videos for your blog together



Cupcakes – that could win competitions. 

Dance in the kitchen

Dance in the rain

Dance lessons

Dance like a Māori warrior

Dancing lessons

Dark Age’s period date

Day trip to a special tourist location

Day trip to your local city

Decorate and release sky lanterns

Dinner boat

Dinner on your roof

Dinner train

Dip fruit in chocolate, or each other

Disco– at a local bar

DIY project – get idea from pinterest

Do a science experiment

Do whatever cheesy tourist thing is near

Dog Park

Dollar store and buy two plastic saucers and go sledding 

Draw each other

Dress up all fancy and head out to dessert and coffee

Dress up all fancy and head out to dinner

Drive somewhere, just to grab some time in the car to chat – just the 2 of you

Drive to the best place to fly your kites


East African culture date

East Canada culture date

Eighties period date

Electronic bowling on Wii

factory tour


Find a cooking contest on TV and cook something that could have competed.

Find new secret spots together

Fireworks display


Fitness class together

Flapper period date

Flea market

Fondue night

Freeze tag

French culture date


Fruit you-pick

Furniture store and browse

Galleries– list all local and then check off

Garden together 

Geo caching

German culture date

Get all dressed up and go out for drinks

Get couple massages

Get ice – cream cones, go to the park, and swing on the swings

Get something pierced

Get your palms read and futures told

Get your pictures taken professionally

Give each other a makeover; even pick out new outfits 

Give each other foot massages simultaneously while on the couch  

Give flowers to your moms. Nice if you both picked yourselves

Give massages to each other

Give some love at an animal shelter

Give your pets a bath outside

Glass project – get idea from pinterest

Go out on a coupon only date

Go to edgy performance theater

Go to high school play

Go to and cook something on their first page

Go-cart racing

Grab two cameras, go out, and take some photographs

Greek culture date

Gym together

Haircut from someone new

Hallmark and pick out a card for every occasion for one another; read them there. 

Halloween costume shopping

Hang decorations (seasonal)

Harlem globetrotters

Haunted house

Have an electronic free night

Have friends over for dinner




Hike through the woods


Hills or mountains – go parking

Historic Homes Registry – list all local and then check off

Historic places – list all local and then check off

Hit some golf balls 

Hobby store and find something new

Holiday toyshop browsing

Horse and carriage ride through the city

Horseback riding 

Hot air balloon ride 

House hunting

Ice hockey game


Image transfer project – get idea from pinterest

India culture date

Indonesian culture date

Indoor picnic on the floor

Industrial tours – list all local and then check off

Iranian culture date

Iraq culture date

Ireland culture date

Israeli culture date

Italian culture date

Jazz — at a local bar

Jet skies

Jewish — cook something

Julia child’s recipes from the French chef

Jump in puddles together

Karaoke even

Karate class



Kids’ museum

Kiss at the top of a Ferris wheel 

Kiss under the stars

Laser tag

Lay in your backyard and look up at the stars

Learn a new language together by using dictionaries and no English, gestures, drawings

Learn how to play call of duty on Xbox

Learn magic tricks

Learn to play an instrument together


Libraries – list all local and then check off

Light sabers and have some battles

Little-league (or similar) team and become boosters

Local hotel room and order room service

Look at your old high school yearbooks

Look through old pictures 

Make a book of all the fun places to go for the future

Make a card for someone special with each other (grandma, grandpa, dad, etc)

Make a collage

Make a family tree

Make a hand print stone; add it to your garden when it dries. 

Make a list of all the things you love about one another

Make a new dinner only using what you have in the house

Make a pottery bowl 

Make an apple pie

Make beer

Make breakfast and eat it in bed

Make music together; record it. 

Make wine or mead

Make your favorite childhood candy together

Make your own board game

Make your own candles 

Make your own music video

Make your own sundaes

Make your own sushi

Mall; stroll; hold hands

Medieval period date


Mexican culture date

Middle ages period date

Middle Eastern culture date

Mid-west US culture date


Mini golf

Monaco culture date


Morocco culture date

Movie night

Movie themed dates


Movies in the park

Mundane things (like match socks together) and just sit and chat together


Museum of science 

Museums – list all local and then check off

NBA game

Nepal culture date

New England us culture date

New Zealand culture date

Northeast culture date

Old t-shirt reuse project

Open mike – at a local bar

Opera — at a local bar

Organic farm; pick up asparagus

Organize your home together 

Outrageous desert – get idea from pinterest

Pacific Northwest us culture date

Paint a picture together

Paint a room in your house that you’ve been meaning to re-do

Paint ball place and battle 

Paris culture date; all things French


Persian culture date

Peru culture date

Photo albums of your family

Piano lesson together

Pick your favorite theme and have a “theme” night 

Picnic / bike ride

Picnic / car ride

Picnic / train ride

Picnic on the beach

Pizza shop


Plant a garden

Plant a tree

Playdate with a random group of children



Po-go stick jumping

Polynesian culture date

Pop Music – at a local bar

Pumpkin patch date 

Punk – at a local bar

Put on some music and dance


Races around the house

Rake Leaves into a pile for jumping

Read a book together on the couch

Real golfing

Recreate the night you first met

Recreate the time you first kissed

Recreate your first date

Recreate your very first date

Re-decorate their bedrooms

Redo a room with things you already have

Redo your bedroom together – new sheets, new arrangement of furniture, hang photos, etc

Reggae – at a local bar

Renaissance Fair

Renaissance period date

Restaurant you both have never been!

Ride bikes

Road trip 

Rock –at a local bar

Rock climbing

Role-play – a couple having an affair

Role-play – being much older

Role-play – being much younger

Role-play – hicks in a nice restaurant

Role-play – Not being from around here

Role-play – Yuppies at a rodeo

Role-play the normal kind of things

Roller blading

Roller skating

Run a block, 5k, 10k, 1/2 marathon, marathon together

Russian culture date

Sand castle

Saturday morning breakfast date

Scenic drive

Scottish culture date


Scrapbook of photos

Sculpting class

Search for antiques

Search Yard for bugs and insects

See a 3d movie

See a local band

Seventies period date

Shooting range

Shop for something new for you and for him

Shopping trip to buy athletic gear

Sit by the fire

Sit in a sauna together 

Sit outside and watch the sunset

Sixties period date


Sky diving

Slinky down the stairs – always a good time

Slumber party and sleep in a different room in your house. 

Snowball fight

Snowboarding; then lodge snuggles and hot coco



South African culture date

Southern US culture date

Southwest US culture date

Spa Night at Home

Spanish culture date

Spend the night at a local b&b

Sports event

Starbucks – list all local and then check off

Starwatching on significant astrological nights

Stay in your PJ’s all day and do nothing together

Stone-age period date

Surf and turf

Swim at a local lake

Swim at a local pond

Swim at a local pool

Swim in the ocean

Swing on a rope swing over a lake 

Take the ferry

Tattoo’s (real, henna, press on)


Tex-mex US culture date

Tour a brewery 

Tourist places – list all local and then check off

Trail a rope outside your car door and thank anybody who tells you.

Train ride

Transform an old piece of furniture

Trip to Vegas



Veggie you-pick


Visit a local Audubon society

Visit grandparents

Visit the local county and city parks

Volunteer at a soup kitchen

Volunteer together somewhere special

Walk around the mall hand in hand

Walk on a nature trail

Walk the woods; holding hands

Watch a whole season of a new show together

Watch a whole season of your favorite show together

Watch old homemade movies

Watch the sunset on a blanket in your backyard

Watch your favorite childhood movie

Watch your wedding video together

Water balloon fight

Water color project – get idea from pinterest

Water gun fight


Waterslide Park

West African culture date

West Canada culture date

Whale watching

Whitewater rafting

Whole foods and sample

Wii games


Woods – go parking

Write down all your favorite meals and make a dinner menu board,

Write out 50 questions and ask each other! 

Yard sale — see what $10 dollars can get you.




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