Flower Photos I’ve taken lately …

Wet spring this year. I know, I know. More than usual. We just had a burst of one thunder boom. Seattle can go year without any thunder at all. The most common thunder we do have is with snow storms. Actually it has thundered, hailed and is now a little sunny as I write this. Now that is normal for Spring in the pac nw.

Here the pictures are in gallery form. If you click on one it should give you a way to thumb through them in a bigger, better format. Hoover your mouse in the middle of each side and then click on the ‘>’ or ‘<‘ to navigate through. Press the x in the upper left hand corner when you are finished.

Of course I would love your feedback. You can comment on each picture specifically.

Oh, and I wanted to warn you that there is one daffodil one that I tried to make really arty, almost cartoon, so don’t let that throw you.

And now 30 minutes later and a second thunder boom. I know all my Florida people and Mid-west people can’t quite image this. It still feels odd to me.


>note: this tulip picture is from June 2002, i just needed to put an image directly into the post to have it show up on the main page<

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