Ergo Pictures I’ve taken lately …

I woke up the other night with something tickling my upper lip. It was one of Ergo’s hind legs. She was on her back taking up a huge amount of square footage with her legs splayed. Even at 4 am it was pretty darn cute.

This morning at 4 a.m. I was thinking about how desperate the people that had her before us were to hand her over. It should have rung warning bells in my head but instead it just made me more desperate to get her away. It frightens me to think about how close she came to being put down. She is not socialized enough to be a “keeper”. It would have been an incredible huge personal loss and we wouldn’t have even know.

I’m starting a new blog called Dogmoor: It will hold at least my best photographs that I take at Merrymoor Dog Park and I hope other’s will join me in posting. I need to think the site through some more, but I have thrown some pictures up there that you will not see here.

Here is your bonus picture of Ergo from last April. It was her first time at Merrymoor dog park.



2 thoughts on “Ergo Pictures I’ve taken lately …

  1. I love Ergo. The picture of the hound looking at Ergo is a winner, with Ergo’s ear down and the expression on the hound’s face. A winner.

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