Old Digital Photo Album

A long time ago, so long ago that monitors were 640×380, I gathered a bunch of digital photos for a framed family album. Alas, the frames stopped working pretty quickly, but while they lasted they were great.

Cleaning up my hard drive I stumbled into those old directories and thought how fun it would be to dribble them out a few a week. Then I found a directory that showed I had already started to dribble them out week by week a decade ago and had stopped for what ever reason. I had updated them a little, but I don’t remember doing it.

So here they are in mass. I will feel better with them backed up on a server. I can email you a zipped file if you don’t want to spend an hour downloading them one by one.

Double click on the first photo and it will put you into a good viewing mode. You can leave comments on the individual pictures. I added comments to a lot of the pictures with memories. You have to scroll down to see the comments.

I also found a bunch of other photos from the Po Family Seattle Trip, but I will post those another day. Remind me if I forget.


3 thoughts on “Old Digital Photo Album

  1. Unbelievably cool photos!!!! I had the most fun seeing them. Thanks a huge bunch. Yes I would live a thumb drive. That would be a cool gift for mom on Mother’s Day..


    pthorp@thorpco.com 305.608.6668

  2. Fantastic! I love them. This is a wonderful, outstanding selection of photos. Yes, what happened. I just got these. Are we doing thumb drive or what? Love, Momgoose

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