Boffice Garden Update – no deaths (yet)

Boffice = Brandy’s Office.









These are taken under the wicked* purple LED lights that T and L got me for my birthday.  I’ve had to scurry to get plants underneath them.






They are purple because they are not green.

When full spectrum lights get shown on plants we see them as green because that is the light wave that they reflect.  Grow lights are restricted in size and power and do not send any light waves that the plant won’t use.  Blue light waves are used primarily during growing.  Red lights during flowering.  White grow lights can be the whole spectrum.






wicked*  — In tribute to the people of Boston and their wicked epic response to the bombs and bombers I have decided to add the adjective “wicked” in front of just about everything as if I were a South Boston native.


2 thoughts on “Boffice Garden Update – no deaths (yet)

  1. I would have said awesome but now I’ll say wicked.Loved your new photo. And loved seeing old faithful avocado seeds and sweet potatoes and all your healthy, very healthy plants sprouting. Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2013 04:02:17 +0000 To:

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