Hydro Update or Oregano = Canary

Update Time!

Lemon Balm

Doing great.  I have slashed it back quite a few times to keep it from taking over the pot.



The pod was labeled Lemon Balm, but something else grew out of it.  I’m guessing Oregano, cuz of the smell, but I’m sure.  This plant is sadly wilted.  It is defiantly a “Canary in a coal mine” plant, it will wilt and turn colors long before the other ones do.  It’s actually looking better in the pictures as it had in the last few days.


Miniature Roses

Doing great except for Aphids. I even sprayed them down with Organocide yesterday, but I don’t think it made a difference at all.  The directions say to start slowly and make the mixture stronger if needed.  I wanted to give them a break today and will probably spray again tomorrow.

I know MC liked her Garlic Spray, but I would rather find a way to keep my office smelling like roses!

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I got it on sale and it wasn’t in terrific shape, but I took it down another few notches.  I think I either over watered it.  Or I did use a very mild dose of General Hydroponics Flora series, but that could have been too strong.  I also moved it under my awesome T5 lights and perhaps that was too much light?  It’s looking better now, the leaves used to be bronze.

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Spider Plant

Doing GREAT!  Funny thing is that there is now some little plants growing in the same plant.  I have no idea how long those have been in there and not sprouted.  Does anybody know what they are?

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Avocados and Sweet Potato

Dead, RIP. The avocado’s just never sprouted. The sweet potato started to rot, which always happens when I try this. I think I probably didn’t change the water often enough. Any ideas

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More Photos:


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