How we got rid of our mice


Even with barred and barn owls, every fall we have some mice move into our nice warm house from the park.  Last year I decided to fight them differently.


My criteria:

  1. No dead bodies.
  2. Safe for dogs period.
  3. Rated four stars or over on Amazon.



Product Description Why it works

Peppermint Essential Oil. 30 ml (1 fl oz). 100% Pure, Undiluted, Therapeutic Grade The smell does not agree with rodents. Dribble this all along the edges of the floor and counter. Dribble it down heater and venting shafts. I found that giving this a blast before going to bed every night for the first week worked well. It does make for an overwhelming smell when first put down, but it fades to a bearable level in a few hours.


I also combined several drops of this with corn starch and baking soda and spread that on my carpets.  After a few hours I would vacuum it up.  I don’t know if this helped but my house smelled great.


Bell and Howell Ultrasonic Pest Repellers with Extra Outlet – 3 Pack It causes the electrical wires to vibrate causing a sound/feeling that the rodents don’t like. I thought I would be able to hear this, but I can’t. No reaction from the dog either. I don’t know, but I think that this is more of an annoyance than anything close to a repeller. Plug these in every room near where you think the miss might be or might pass through. People talk a lot about aiming these, but I just choose to put one in almost every electrical receptacle. I put a stronger one (Pest A Cator Plus 2000 Electromagnetic/Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller For Larger Areas) in the garage about a month later and it seems to chased a way a rat we used to have come in occasionally.


Fresh Cab Rodent Repellent (4 Pouch Box) More peppermint smell plus other thought to be obnoxious odors. Put inside cabinets and places like this. Opening one of those cabinets for the next many months was like a blast of peppermint teargas spray. This is actually good because you know when you need to replace them. I generally washed what ever came out of the cabinet to get rid of any smell.


Delta Sprayers 82413-32 24oz 3pk Spray Bottles Mix the oil with dishsoap and water to spray around the edges of the room. First time I did this I didn’t use a sprayer but just put a think layer of it on the floor before I went to bed. In the morning I mopped the floor and was practically blinded by the reflection. I don’t know if it would hurt any surfaces. I eventually would just use a mix in this kind of sprayer and get the edges


Castile Liquid Soap Organic-Peppermint 8 Ounces
I didn’t use this last time, but I think it would be great to spray this around the paremeter. Maybe replace the peppermint oil. I wonder if this is one of the reasons why this stuff has been around for ever.


  1. I read all the reviews to get tips on how people used these products and I did what they said.
  2. The first week it really took a ‘CONSTANCE VIGILANCE’ kind of attitude. I dribbled peppermint oil every day or two and I really watched to make sure I didn’t just repel the rodents into another room.
  3. I saw one rodent poop at about two months. I refreshed the cab pouches and did the whole peppermint blitz again for a day and I haven’t seen a sign in the last 9 months.
  4. I’m sure i will need to get fresh ones this fall.


It took a few weeks before all signs of mice were gone. I don’t know if all of it is necessary but since it worked I won’t play around with it.


This combination also repelled our roof rat who lives on the other side of the house in the garage. The rat is so smart that he has only scoffed at our past attempts to rid ourselves of him for the last twenty years. We were thinking about just naming him and calling him a pet. But after the above he has not come back in six months.


Other things I might think about doing, especially if I could deal with mouse bodies:

  • I would have put down many glue or snap traps the first few days because the smells, etc. are going to confuse the hell out of the little rodents and hence they will be on the move so traps have a much higher chance of working. I would probably put the traps down the first night and then wait a few days and do it again. Rodents are quick to learn to avoid traps but they also forget about them pretty quickly too.
  • A dog safe and free trap is to fill a larger pan or bucket up one half and put some grain or something in it and then the rodents will jump into it and not have a way to get out and drown. Ick. Of course you don’t really want the dog to have access to this, but it’s not hard to block. I can’t handle thinking too much about this.
  • Plant peppermint all over the yard.  It would be cheaper in the long run if I could harvest my own oil etc. Mint can be VERY invasive. Peppermint is actually a hybrid cross between spearmint and water mint. This makes it difficult to grow reliably from seed. If you have a friend with a mint patch who’s flavor you like, your best bet is to have them divide the plants for you (in the fall or spring). Then use those starts to begin growing your mint patch. Mint will grow best and healthiest in moderately rich, well-drained soil with a pH between 6.0 and 7.0. Partial sun or better. from: How to Garden Advice



Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions…



2 thoughts on “How we got rid of our mice

  1. Lewis actually had success electrocuting the rats that tried to come in last winter! He learned how on YouTube and set up a perimeter that the dogs couldn’t get thru but the rat could easily scramble over. You do have to dispose of the bodies, tho…but they die OUTside, not inside, and never due behind a wall to gag you for months with their rotting stench.

    I think we just need to implement your first visual idea: have a couple of owls as house pets! 🙂

    Patricia 305.608.6668

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