Fanboy over Profit


I can understand picking one platform to develop upon, although it does has it risks.  It is obviously less work.  Not that much, because the management, design and execution is the same.  And most web developers understand how to code in both.  The modern IE’s are good for programming unlike the old ones, which were possible, but not easy.  I would calculate than adding IE 9 and 10 would only add about 10% more work, but it depends upon what you are coding.  (Also, see HTML 5)

I would rather make my developers code harder than loose my audience.

And when people are emotional about their browser choice, why on earth would you put that last sentence and button on YOUR companies web site?  Is it honestly worth giving google a boost?  Why not put a Starbucks logo?  They probably did more for your project than google ever will.

I just hit the above dialog telling me that I need to use the Google Chrome plug in to use their product.   It used to be that every time you required a user interaction with your web site you lost approximately 30% of your remaining audience.  I have no idea if this is true any longer but I’m sure it is still a hit. has the current browser market share which I’ve simplified slightly below:



IE has almost SIXTY PERCENT of the browser market.

The amount of effort required to get people to their site has to be a lot.

The amount of effort required to get people to actually click to install software from a company that isn’t as known as google or microsoft is a lot.

And then to send almost 60% to a different web site to install other software??? 


So, worst case of 1000 people who click get to your web site:


Lost Have
Very Interested People 1000
30% reduction to click on install 300 700
60% reductino on browser choice 420 280
30% on having to click to install the plugin 84 196
30% that abondon during the install 59 137
30% that don’t make it back to install your stuff 41 96

That is a loss of over 90% of your interested people. 



Above I said that there is a risk to putting all your development eggs in one basket:


So I clicked to install the plug in just to see what would happen and I get:



And google leaves you high and dry. 


Seriously, is being a google fanboy worth over 90% of your business? 




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