Smoke Points for cooking.



This will be a rather random blog post.  I can never remember which oils are best when I go shopping.  I wanted to pin something like this but I couldn’t find anybody who posted the information with a picture.  So, Thanks to Wikipedia and Wikipedia commons, here I go.

The following table presents smoke points of various fats:

Fat Quality Smoke Point
Avocado oil Refined 520°F 271°C
Safflower oil Refined 510°F 266°C[1]
Rice bran oil 490°F 254°C
Mustard oil 489°F 254°C
Ghee (Indian Clarified Butter) 485°F 252°C
Tea seed oil 485°F 252°C
Canola oil High Oleic 475°F 246°C
Olive oil Extra light 468°F 242°C[1]
Olive oil Pomace 460°F 238°C[1]
Soybean oil Refined 460°F 238°C[1]
Palm oil Difractionated 455°F 235°C[8]
Corn oil Refined 450°F 232°C[1]
Peanut oil Refined 450°F 232°C[1]
Coconut oil Refined with stabilizers 450°F 232°C
Sesame oil Semirefined 450°F 232°C
Sunflower oil Semirefined 450°F 232°C
Sunflower oil Refined 440°F 227°C[1]
Hazelnut oil 430°F 221°C
Cottonseed oil 420°F 216°C[1]
Almond oil 420°F 216°C
Grapeseed oil 420°F 216°C
Tallow (Beef) 420°F 215°C
Macadamia oil 413°F 210°C
Olive oil, high quality (low acidity) Extra virgin 405°F 207°C
Canola oil Refined 400°F 204°C[1]
Walnut oil Semirefined 400°F 204°C
Castor oil Refined 392°F 200°C[6]
Olive oil Virgin 391°F 199°C[6]
Lard 390°F 192°C
Olive oil Extra virgin 375°F 191°C
Canola oil Expeller Press 375-450°F[5] 190-232°C
Avocado oil Un-Refined, Virgin 375-400°F 190-204°C
Vegetable shortening 360°F 182°C
Corn oil Unrefined 352°F 178°C[6]
Coconut oil Virgin (Unrefined) 350°F[7] 177°C
Sesame oil Unrefined 350°F 177°C
Soybean oil Semirefined 350°F 177°C
Hemp oil 330°F 165°C
Peanut oil Unrefined 320°F 160°C
Safflower oil Semirefined 320°F 160°C
Soybean oil Unrefined 320°F 160°C
Sunflower oil, high oleic Unrefined 320°F 160°C
Walnut oil Unrefined 320°F 160°C
Butter 250–300°F 121–149°C
Flax seed oil Unrefined 225°F 107°C
Safflower oil Unrefined 225°F 107°C
Sunflower oil Unrefined 225°F 107°C

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