A New Car for meeeeeeee!!

deco rover back

Deco Rover Inside

Deco Rover Side

Its a 2011 Range Rover Super Charged. 500 horsepower and It is an unreal nice car.


I think it may actually be the pinnacle of gasoline cars ever. It’s a third generation range rover. As in software, 3.0 is when they get it right. 1.0 version – buggy and feature light (my first RR). 2.0 version – solid and comprehensive (my green RR). 3.0 – Solid, comprehensive and tuned. 4.0 — start feature bloat. IThe newer models, well Range Rover fanatics think that the fourth generation may be a champagne glass too far. (http://www.topgear.com/uk/jeremy-clarkson/Jeremy-on-the-Range-Rover-2013-03-18)


It’s funny that I started out wanting to get an electric because it is the most eco conscience choice available and ended up with this, about the worst. But I love it. And I will care for it for a few years and then trade it off for an electric and some solar panels. 🙂

And these are the very last of the rhodies for this year.
rhoddies last


5 thoughts on “A New Car for meeeeeeee!!

  1. That is sharp looking. No wonder you fell in love with it. Bet it will make for a great trip, too.

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  2. thought you might like to see the info on Dr. Jim Taylor and the hospital in Cancun.

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