My new thug lifestyle…


This is a picture of Queen Elizabeth in a hoodie that is making the rounds. I’ve heard that the meme Hoodie = Criminal is just as bad, if not worse, in England. There are all kinds of captions for it like “The Thug Life”. The cool thing is that this is the same third generation model RR that I just got!

I remember when I was in JR High, Mom and I got to sewing lots of velour hoodies. They were my thing. I can still remember the details of two of them, I thought they were that cool. I think I will have to find a new hoodie or two to match my new car.


2 thoughts on “My new thug lifestyle…

  1. Go for it! I loved our velour hoodies, weren’t they cozy? Will call you this afternoon. Sorry I couldn’t talk yesterday. I was hurrying to put my boot on before the company arrived. It takes me about twenty minutes it seems as everything gets all caught up on the Velcro, but I was feeling so good, I just got out of the shower and it felt soooooooooo good.

    Have you named your new car? Sounds like you love it.



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  2. Have you bought your hoodie yet?

    I wonder about the guy who moved in next door. Just noticed him sitting out on the balcony that looks right into my office and bedroom and it’s a good 90 outside with 1000% humidity and he has the hoodie pulled up over his head!!!!!!!! Or maybe someone is robbing the place, I never thought of that. Whoops!

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