In Danger: Seattle, WA – Two 9 yo Female GSD – Gretchen & Kaese



Current owner is planning to put them down within the next week or two if homes cannot be found.  The current owner is going through a divorce and a new work assignment and cannot keep them.



I tried to take these dogs and really feel in love with them but they were not a match for my current 3 year old, timid rescue female.  If I did not have my dog Ergo, I would have been considered myself beyond lucky to get these girls.  Giving them up is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do and that was after only three days.



Both are in amazing health.  No daily drugs!  Perhaps some limping after playing hard but I think that is because they are not used to receiving as much exercise as we gave them.



Ginie would like to keep them together, but personally, I would separate them in a second.  Not only is that worth saving their lives, but also I think they would both flourish. Neither of them are especially well trained, but are both very smart and trainable.  Their manner were a little rough, but I’m not sure if it was because I was seeing them at their worst or just nobody demanded better from them.  An example would be that they would try to snatch food off my plate.  It didn’t take long to train them not to do it, but it didn’t look like the concept was in their brain.


Gretchen is a total ballhund.  She is silly and light hearted and not particularly dominate, except she is serious about her playing.  It took her over ten hours at our house before she even sat down.  She has all these little dances and silly sounds she makes to try to get you to play.  She is very sweet but a bit of a worrier.  She barks when she gets nervous, but I think she could be trained to use a different method of communication.


Kaese is a serious girl.  She reached out the most to us and was generally by my feet.  She loved all forms of attention.   She seemed to have a huge desire to make me happy, although she didn’t always know how to do that.  She liked to play as well.  She loved her squeaky toys, but was super hard on them.



I am now an uninvolved third party and I think whomever takes a chance on one or both of these dogs will be super blessed. I am happy to answer any questions.




Here is what the owner Ginie Franco <> 206.963.1352 says:


   They are two beautiful AKC girls from K9 Kraftwerk’s breeding with Wayne Curry in Rochester. The darker one on the right is named Kaese and she is the alpha and of east german blood lines. The lighter one is Gretchen and of west german lines and is more active. Both are sweet and very protective and yet gentle with the family and good with guests one we give them the OK sign. They haven’t had a lot of socialization over the years with other dogs, but we’ve never had a problem kenneling them. They love to throw the ball. Gretchen could chase after them until your arm falls off; Kaese will go for awhile but would rather sit back and watch Gretchen. They love to be with us at all times and are in general house dogs, but will spend time outside if necessary without being loud and are even fine with the gardners when they come in. They are healthy with certified hips and are in perfect condition. I hate to give them up, but my kids aren’t in a position to take them and I can’t take them on my next assignment so I don’t know what to do. I would hate to see them separated as they are born 6 weeks apart; different litters but same breeder.



2 thoughts on “In Danger: Seattle, WA – Two 9 yo Female GSD – Gretchen & Kaese

  1. How nice. What a great article. You really spelled it out. Certainly gave them a good chance.

    Good for you. Have to do pool before it rains here.



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