I lost 100 lbs!


Actually, 102 pounds as of this morning!




I feel great.  It is getting hard to remember what it used to be like in the dark days before my DS bariatric surgery.  I remember when I first stood up in the morning and took a few steps my frame would just groan under the weight.  I was always uncomfortable, always.  Almost all the fun had been sucked out of life because of that uncomfortableness.  I mean even things like going out to dinner sucked because the chair was too small or the arm dug in or the booth was just wide enough to fit.  Breathing was uncomfortable.  Laughing made my jelly shake just like “Ole Saint Nick” and that is not a happy feeling.  Walking through a crowd, bathing, putting on shoes and standing at a kitchen counter had all become challenges.  It really sucked.  Everything seemed to zap the joy out of life.

I am more healthy now, but I should be with a several hundred dollar a month vitamin and protein powder budget.    I am also eating 99% “right” this year.  Almost no processed foods, not only no white flour, but no grains to speak of.  No starch, including starchy vegetables.  Certainly no sugar, honey or very few artificial sweeteners.  I keep my net carbs around 50.   I eat protein, nuts and veggies.  (Next year, we will see!)

I am seven months post-op from my DS surgery.  So far, I have conquered many problems, it certainly isn’t an easy thing.  I don’t foresee any long term issues at this point.  (knock on wood.)   I’m happy I went for it.


4 thoughts on “I lost 100 lbs!

  1. I am THRILLED for you! This is the big milestone. It proves you will get to where you what to go. You are already beautiful, and this decision only adds to that beauty while giving you so many more options in life. I admire your determination, your self control, your vision, and your ability to make it happen! Way to go!

  2. 102 # (used the appropriate octothorpe symbol)! Congratulations, big time, really big time.

    I have just read and re-read and re-read your note–I can just feel the relief. I am so happy for you. Woohoo, way to go Brandy. It all sounds so you. So glad you are you again. I love you so. Wish you great happiness. 102 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic! Save this note in case you can share it with someone who is wondering if he/she should consider this surgery. It has beautiful energy. Wow!



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